Guarded Websites

When it comes to web applications, many views are only visible when a user is logged in. If we look at the Websiteshot Console, only a few routes are publicly accessible. When it comes to performing certain actions in the Websiteshot Console, a user must be logged in.

For this case, login credentials can be configured to allow the Websiteshot backend to execute the login and then reach non-public. This works (currently) only for logins with username/email and password (without 2FA). The following data is needed for an automated login:

  • Element Id of the input field for the username
  • Element Id of the input field for the password
  • Element Id of the button for the login
  • Username and Password

The configured password is only used unencrypted for the actual login process. For all other steps in the backend, the password is only encrypted. As soon as a job is completed, the credentials are deleted and cannot be restored.

The same applies when configuring login credentials within templates. Passwords are always encrypted.