We love screenshots, and of course they must correspond to the real image. For this reason, screenshots should not be unnecessarily modified with filters. Nevertheless, there are a few visual adjustments that, in our opinion, make screenshots more appealing or represent what should be represented.

Websiteshot is not an image editing tool, you can of course edit screenshots with a further integration. We provide the following filters for postprocessing.

Browser Frames#

Websiteshot offers simple light and dark browser frames, in which the screenshots can be embedded.

Area Crop#

Sometimes it makes more sense not to show the whole screen, but only an extract of it. Of course, this can't be done by reducing the resolution, because all corresponding elements take a different position. However, in a screenshot job you can specify an area that will be cut out of the screenshot accordingly.


If the screenshot is to be resized after generation, this can be done with this filter.


Add a margin to your Screenshots for every side (top, bottom, left, right).

Rounded Corners#

If you want the corners of the screenshot to be rounded, this can be achieved with this filter.


Shadows are everywhere on the web - they give elements a visual addition that can be very appealing. Shadows can be configured on the job via many parameters such as colors, transparency and much more.


This is a pure fun filter that will probably never be used on a screenshot. But when it comes to generative art on web pages, for example, this filter can make more sense.